OCL: 650

Biographical Information
Age 20
Relatives None
Alias Druid of the Forest, Witch of the Swamps
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Psychic/Druidic Hedgehog
Gender Female

Fur: Silver

Eyes: Orange

Skin: Pale

Attire - A long, Green robe that seems to consist out of plants and branches
Personality, Affiliations and Abilities

Ankh's Children

Abilities Druidic Magic
Secondary Forms Can shapeshift into feral creatures
Friends Mambo, Parsley, Zeolite, Aquas Kurai, Keala
Rivals Aedan
Enemies Garmenia the Witch

Ankh was born in a small community of magicians that practiced the arts of Druidism, they lived in the forest and were raised to respect their surroundings. Ankh was trained by some of the wisest druids of the time as she had the rare feature of having Orange, glowing eyes, implying that she was born with 'the Gift'. Later, some of the Druids started to tap into vile demonic magics and became Witches and Warlocks, abandoning the power of Nature and their former duties entirely. The Nature-Druids were defeated by the powerful destructive magics of the Dark ones. Thus, currently Ankh is the only known remaining druid. She grew up taking outcasts under her wing, such as Mambo and Parsley. Later in her life, she became linked by the villagers to a legendary Druid that was notorious for destroying settlements in order to restore the forest. The Villagers believe that she is in fact that druid. Though she is very powerful, she chooses to protect her 'children' instead. And if she is threatened by civilization, she will blend in with nature. She is hunted by the Devout, an order of Knights that are blindly loyal to the Creator.

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