Ankh's Children
Mambo and Zeolite background

Mambo and Zeolite

No Battle-Standard
Leader Ankh
Founded ?
Allignment Neutral-Good
Base of operations The Druidic Forest
Capital Ruins of the Ancient Druidic City


Ankh's Children is a group of young refugees that were all cast out of their original homes and taken in by the Druidess Ankh. Together they try to survive in the forest, originally fighting Witches and Warlocks, recently, a new threat came from the civilized world, as Galen's Army marches towards the village near the forest, Ankh and her Children fear for their lives, and have decided to stand against them along other 'heroes'.


Druidess Ankh (Leader)

Mambo Boscaglia



Aquas Kurai

Keala Violo (Temporarily)

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