Mambo Broscaglia
Mambo Broscaglia
Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives None Known
Alias Urchin, Demon (Nickname given by Aedan)
Romantic Interests Ankh (Crush)
Physical Description
Species Mutated Hedgehog
Gender Male

Fur: Green and Black

Eyes: Yellow



- Leather belt with various power rings attached to it

- Cheap red pants, and gloves of the same color

- Black socks

Personality, Affiliations and Abilities

Ankh's Children

Station Square Militia

Abilities Can use Power-rings to increase his strength, depending on the ammount of rings, though there is a certain limit to how much power he can tap into
Secondary Forms Demon Mambo - Like Sakuro, Mambo can still tap into a demonic self at the risk of losing his sanity once again, this form is uncontrollable and unstable.
Friends Parsley (Best Friend), Miles, Keala, Sakuro, Kylo, Alin, Teron
Rivals Zeolite, Aedan
Enemies Greye Galen, Garmenia the Witch

OCL: 110

Mambo Boscaglia isn't sure who his parents were, he lived in a small village that housed a church of the Creator.

His youth wasn't too difficult, he grew up with other orphans as an Urchin, during this time he developed his very light-footed way of handling things.

When he was 12, a band of Witches attacked the village and found little Mambo hiding in a shed. The witch infused him with dark energy before being slain by one of Ankh's companions.

He started getting Demonic features, his fur turning almost completely black, but through sheer willpower and healing from a strange Magician from the forest., he lost his demonic abilities, but kept some of his demonic looks, such as the quills.

At the same time, the head of the local church became the Elder of the Village. And they kind of labeled Mambo a demon.

He was warned in time by the Magician, who later revealed to be the Druid, Ankh. Ever since she saved him, he lived along the other outcasts in the forest.

He now trains with Power-Rings and combines the power granted by them with Brawling and his swift-footedness. He isn't very skilled at it yet, however.

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