SandySandy Pueblo of the Stone
Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives Chieftain of the Great Forest Earth Clan (Father)
Alias Pebble
Romantic Interests Aedan
Physical Description
Species Earth Hedgehog
Gender Female

Fur: Brown

Eyes: Light Blue

Skin: Tanned


Blue dress

Blue Stockings

Black Boots

Personality, Affiliations and Abilities
Affiliations Earth Clan
Abilities Earth Magic, Super Strength
Secondary Forms /
Friends Aedan, Miles, Mambo (Best Friend)
Rivals Aquas Kurai, Teron

OCL: 190

Sandy is the daughter of the Chieftain of the Great Forest Earth Clan. She was raised learning the arts of earth magic until being sent off to function as an ambassador at age 15. She was a very bright girl but she was also in grave danger as she was nearly assassinated by Electric-Clan soldiers before being saved by Miles and Aedan. She fell in love with Miles who rejected her because she was too young. But she found comfort from a strange source, Aedan gave her a shoulder to cry on and she found that he was maybe the one. However, in fear of being rejected she keeps it to herself. The only one that knows of this was Mambo, her best friend.

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